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Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

My goal is to help you become an outstanding, self-aware leader, who consistently exceeds business objectives, through inspiring a harmonious, proactive, happy team, that is keen on taking initiative. The way I do that is by coaching you to discover who you really are as a leader, and to shed the light on any factors that could be limiting you to assume your true potential. By doing that, you will be able to take the next steps towards the leader you aspire to be.


Leaders set out wanting to create a highly effective and engaged team that they have a good relationship with. To their disappointment, they discover that it takes more than technical skills and good business acumen to do that.

Leaders may have the wrong beliefs about how they “should be” as a leader and can lose sight of who they “want to be”. This creates a big gap with their teams and makes them be perceived as cold and distant.

Leaders think that its enough to have “good intentions” with your team to create trust, respect and a good relationship. However, we know that many times, the impact we create is very different from our intentions and this destabilizes the relationship we have with people.

Leaders think that what motivates and excites them will surely excite other team members, and they get very offended and frustrated when they don’t see this happening. Yet, getting people on board and having them highly engaged takes a deep understanding of people’s emotions, triggers and motivations, and this is quite difficult to achieve alone.

Seeing that their team is disengaged and not taking initiatives while they are super pressured to achieve their business objectives puts a lot of stress on Leaders. This stress is translated into bouts of impulsive anger reactions that are misperceived by team, colleagues and management and negatively impact their image. Gaining the ability to control such behaviors takes deep emotional self-awareness and is difficult to achieve alone.


I. Psychometric Assessments and Self-Reflection tools from Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence will provide you with the self-awareness you need to be able to:

a) Better understand your emotions and how they are getting the best out of you with your team

b) Better understand the gaps between your intentions & your impact with the team

c) Identify gaps to work on to become the leader you want to be

II. Group Webinars to help you learn & practice the skills and tools for creating a highly engaged team

III. Individual coaching sessions where you will be able to address personal limitations to your growth as a leader.


By working together, you will become the outstanding and self-aware leader that is able to consistently exceed their business objectives, while inspiring a harmonious, proactive and happy team that is keen on taking initiative.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We will discuss the main drivers that motivated you to book this call with me. We will determine the root cause of what is NOT working well for you in your life as a leader. We will also get clear on your aspiration as a leader and navigate some possibilities of how you can get there. If you find that my expertise may be of help to you, we can discuss next steps together.

3. Who is Nadine Zeinoun Khoury?

After having established myself as an award-winning marketer, I was given the challenge to lead one of the biggest sales teams in our company. Had I known then the disappointments this challenge was hiding, I probably would have never said yes. The painful journey started during my first performance review; unfair, harsh, aggressive, stubborn, too demanding, completely unemotional. The words said about me echoed in my head.

The fury I felt was outrageous! Indescribable!

What upset me more, was that my intentions were completely different from how they saw me. After days of tormenting pain, I finally reached the realization that the skills I had built were definitely not the ones needed to successfully lead this team. I needed to change!

I set up a meeting with each team member to better understand how my behaviors were actually impacting them. And there came my biggest learning. By truly listening to them, I noticed how I had no clue as to what these people were going through. I knew nothing about their pressures, their pain, not even what motivated them. All I knew was that they had to give me results. All the while I thought that the things that excited me would feel the same for them, and I was far from being right. Simply said, I was lacking emotional intelligence and that was really impacting my leadership with them.

Putting my ego aside and being open to accepting feedback was excruciatingly painful, but I emerged with so many realizations. Addressing these issues was no piece of cake, but with determination and my team’s support, I was able to do it. It was therefore an amazing surprise for me then when I got nominated for the “Sales Manager of the Year Award” .

Today, as a coach, my mission and passion lie in supporting executives and leaders to develop their emotional intelligence so they can avert the pain I went through.

Nadine Zeinoun Khoury holds a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation. She is also certified on Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence & Team Management Systems.