Take Command With EQ

A 10-week, Deep-dive Program to Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader Who Consistently Exceeds His/her Business Objectives, While Inspiring a Harmonious, Proactive and Happy Team That Is Keen on Taking Initiatives.

Who Am I?

After having established myself as an award-winning marketer, I was given the challenge to lead one of the biggest sales teams in our company. Had I known then the disappointments this challenge was hiding, I probably would have never said yes. The painful journey started during my first performance review; unfair, harsh, aggressive, stubborn, too demanding, completely unemotional. The words said about me echoed in my head.

The fury I felt was outrageous! Indescribable!

What upset me more, was that my intentions were completely different from how they saw me. After days of tormenting pain, I finally reached the realization that the skills I had built were definitely not the ones needed to successfully lead this team. I needed to change!

I set up a meeting with each team member to better understand how my behaviors were actually impacting them. And there came my biggest learning. By truly listening to them, I noticed how I had no clue as to what these people were going through. I knew nothing about their pressures, their pain, not even what motivated them. All I knew was that they had to give me results. All the while I thought that the things that excited me would feel the same for them, and I was far from being right. Simply said, I was lacking emotional intelligence and that was really impacting my leadership with them.

Putting my ego aside and being open to accepting feedback was excruciatingly painful, but I emerged with so many realizations. Addressing these issues was no piece of cake, but with determination and my team’s support, I was able to do it. It was therefore an amazing surprise for me then when I got nominated for the “Sales Manager of the Year Award” .

Today, as a coach, my mission and passion lie in supporting executives and leaders to develop their emotional intelligence so they can avert the pain I went through.

Nadine Zeinoun Khoury holds a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation. She is also certified on Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence & Team Management Systems.

About My Program

Module Zero

Setting the Foundations


  • Get clear on the growth strategy followed in this program through understanding how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plays a significant role in your leadership performance and how Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) can impact your team engagement.
  • Get Clear on what is expected of you as an active participant in this course.


The foundation for this program is a deep dive into Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how it has affected leadership roles beyond what is taught in schools. EQ, though quite popular in the 90s , has become a household name associated with corporate intelligence as a way to bring tangibility to something we often just put aside as a “personality trait”. EQ, unlike IQ, can be cultivated and raised irrespective of your background or conditioning or even role, and this module helps you to get a clear understanding of how it is going to play a role in your discovery as a true leader from within, beyond the books.

Module One (Weeks 1 & 2)

The “Prestige” of Leadership: Break Free From Its Constraints


  • Relieve yourself from the pressure of fitting into a preconceived notion of how a leader “should be”.
  • Define the leader you truly “want to be”(your Aspiration) through self-reflection & visualizations.
  • Identify the current gaps between your current leadership strengths vs your Aspiration using an evidence-based EQ assessment.
  • Set your personalized action plan to realize your Leadership Aspiration.


Do you feel constantly pressured to match that “Prestigious Leadership” Image everyone expects of you? Or perhaps you feel like you lost your identity by trying to fit into pre-conceived notions about leaders, even when they don’t align with who you truly are. In this module, you will break free from the pressure of being the leader you “should be” and take the first steps to assume the leader you “want to be”. You will identify the falsities in your current leadership model, how those became inhibiting factors in your connection with the team and break out of this image to redefine leadership for yourself using a 3 step Methodology. This module will also bring more clarity for you as a leader on 2 levels: 1) Clarity on the leader that you aspire to be 2) Clarity on the gaps that are keeping you from assuming that aspiration. Having this clarity will allow you to set a solid action plan to work on throughout this program.

Module Two (Week 3)

Anger: Breaking Into the Storm Within


  • Address the burden and guilt inflicted by impulsive outbursts and emotional reactions, by tapping into your anger and establishing a deep and thorough understanding of this emotion to discover the hidden wisdom this emotion holds.
  • Unravel all the beliefs you hold about anger and uncouple your emotional charge from them.
  • Connect the dots by recognizing the importance of coherence and how that plays out into your leadership behaviors. 


Are you feeling frustrated for continuously losing your temper? Do you feel like your image in front of your team and in the eyes of the board/management is being damaged by your impulsive reactions? Anger is a very strong emotion that can really drive you down a gloomy path if it’s not well contained and effectively managed. And what’s worse than the anger itself, is the feeling of guilt that sinks in after allowing that strong unpleasant emotion to take hold of that steering wheel and drive your actions. In this module, through various tools and exercises, you will gain clarity on the sources of that anger and how it is driving your behaviors and impacting your performance. You will also become aware of the hidden wisdom in this emotion. Unraveling this wisdom and establishing a deep understanding are key first steps to controlling it.

Module Three (Weeks 4 & 5)

Anger: Mastering the Storm Within


  • Control your anger and say goodbye to frustration by taking hold of your impulses using 10 practical and effective techniques.
  • Choose your response to any situation in a way that serves you and serves your goals and your purpose.


Gaining a deep awareness of your anger is the first step to regaining control of your actions and behaviors. Coupled with a few extra steps, you will surely regain the image you have been long yearning for. In this module, you will gain that mastery through accessing and practicing ten different strategies that have been proven to be practical, applicable, effective and reliable.

Module Four (Weeks 6,7 & 8)

Design Your “DREAM” Team


  • Create the team that will allow you to go on vacation while feeling relaxed and assured that goals and objectives are being handled to the utmost detail!
  • Empower your team to be responsible, proactive, solution-driven & independent in making decisions by putting into use various tools & techniques from Conversational Intelligence.


It is said that great leaders achieve results through their teams! But how can a lazy, disengaged, irresponsible team get you the results you want??? Can you imagine achieving your goals without the frustration of micromanaging? Or without the overwhelm of solving all challenges and handling other people’s tasks??!! Without being stressed by finding new initiatives and taking responsibility for all decisions?? Can this be possible? This module gives you more than 5 tools from Conversational Intelligence that will enable you to create the proactive, responsible, solution driven team that you have always dreamed of.

Module Five (Weeks 9 & 10)

Create Enabling Relationships


  • Create conversations that will lead to Trusting relationships with almost anyone using the 6 Conversational Intelligence Essentials.
  • Resolve conflicts while keeping strong relationships using 3 EQ tools.


Do you sometimes feel lonely? Do you feel left out from your team at times? Do you feel like you need someone to talk to and share challenges with? Having strong TRUST-based relationships with your team is key for performance and well-being of all. In this module you will create the conversations you need to build strong relations and bonding with your team. You will also master 6 C-IQ essentials that will give you the power to handle any difficult conversation including giving negative feedback to a team member.

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